Story Telling Contest

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Story telling is the most important skill your child should develop. This will go a long way in making him/her successful in life!

The objective of this contest is to tell a gripping story which can hold the listener's attention and at the end of which people go 'WoW'!


1) Winning child gets to deliver the speech to a live audience which will be a different experience altogether for the child!

2) All participants gets a digital certificate.


1) The entry fee for this contest is Rs. 200

2) The video duration should not exceed 120 seconds.

3) Within this contest, there will be 2 categories for different ages - (8-11 years) and (12-16 years)

4) The video should be first uploaded on youtube and then the youtube link embedded at

5) The winner will be decided on the basis of audience & jury votes (50:50)

6) The winner will be declared on June 2nd, 2018

7) The jury's decision will be final and will not be subject to any questioning

8) Participants are free to share their videos on social media to get attention from voters. Each voter can only vote once during a day.

9) Participants have to deliver the video content themselves but can use any prop to deliver their story

10) Since your video will be on this website, your performance will be open for public viewing

11) Language of delivery must be English