Karaoke Singing Star!


1) Winner gets a chance to perform at a happening club during the 'Karaoke Singing Star' exclusively organised by Xperience Bengaluru in association with TalenSquare

2) Winner gets groomed by industry experts prior to their performance

3) A big chance to break into the professional singing circuit


1) The entry fee for this contest is Rs. 99 (less than a small pizza!)

2) The video duration should not be less than 60 seconds (less than maggi preparation time)

3) The song can be rendered in any language (other than Java, C++ etc.)

4) Age limit for this contest is 0-100 years (from babies to babas)

5) The video should be first uploaded on youtube and then the youtube link embedded at http://www.talensquare.com/karaoke-dream-nights/

6) The video performance should be original and recorded for the sole purpose of 'Karaoke Singing Star' (We are special)

7) The winner will be decided on the basis of audience & jury votes online (50:50)

8) The winner will be declared on May 27th, 2018 (May the force be with you!)

9) The jury's decision will be final and binding. All rights will be reserved by 'Karaoke Singing Star'

10) Participants are free to share their videos on social media to get attention from voters. Each voter can only vote once during a day.

11) All uploaded videos will become the property of 'Karaoke Singing Star' which can be later used for promotional purposes