D92 Got Talent!


1) Top 5 performers get a chance to perform at Coronation 2018!


1) You are free to showcase your talent in any genre - singing, dancing, instruments, stand-up comedy etc. (anything under the sun)

2) The video duration should not exceed 120 seconds

3) The video should be first uploaded on youtube and then the youtube link embedded at http://www.talensquare.com/d92-got-talent/

4) The winner will be decided on the basis of audience & jury votes (50:50)

5) The jury's decision will be final and will not be subject to any questioning

6) Participants are free to share their videos on social media to get attention from voters. Each voter can only vote once during a day

7) Since your video will be on this website, your performance will be open for public viewing

8) Performances must be your original